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1号 Kevin Lu

“My name is Kevin Lu, a grade 10 student currently enrolled in the Advanced Placement program at John Fraser Secondary School. As a 10th grade student with knowledge in business andtechnology the CYFA Youth Business Plan Proposal Competition is the perfect opportunity to practice and improve my business skills.”

"My business idea is called PrivateX, it is an organization that offers a marketplace and a cryptocurrency anyone can use to purchase Virtual Private Network (VPN) services."

2号 Claire Chen

"Hello! My name is Claire Chen, and I finished grade seven at W. H. Morden. I am currently thirteen years old and very excited to be participating in the business proposal contest. Outside of school, I enjoy singing, songwriting, and running, and I take competitive swimming and piano lessons. I’m an optimist, so I always look on the brightside of things, and I really like strawberry ice cream!"

"My business idea is called Head to Heart, an after school program where older students teach the younger students on a ratio of 1:5, to help improve the number of children finishing and feeling at ease in schools."

3号 Mingfang Yao

"My name is Mingfang Yao. I am 15 years old and in 10 grade.  I am not very good at English and a little afraid of speaking. But I will do my best when I am on the stage, I would appreciate if you would kindly provide your advice then improve next time."

"My business idea is called Unmanned Cargo Aerial Vehicle, which is a faster, cheaper, unmanned, no road needed, and a safer delivery service than others."

4号 Anna Zou

“My name is Anna Zou and I am a girl. I am10 years old and in 4th grade. I really like to learn because I can take these things that I learn and when I am older I can teach other kids in my school. I also like the challenge, which will make me fly higher.”

"My business idea is to create a school called Hollywood Stars Art School to make learning different subjects a lot more fun!"

5号 Grace Ni & Frank Ni

"Hi, my name is Grace. I am a 12 year old girl, I’m moving up to grade 7 in the upcoming September.  I attend lots of extracurricular activities. Most of which is sports. I am very excited about this creative leadership task that I will be completing,with my brother, Frank."

"Hi, my name is Frank Ni. I am currently 10years old and I am going to attend Grade 5 in the upcoming September. My hobbies are playing sports and learning math. A few of my favorite sports aresoccer, baseball, hockey, and basketball. I will try my best inthis competition."

"Our business idea is called the NHG International Education Group where we can teach English (by recording the reading of English books) through Wechat to children in China and many other countries."

6号 Maggie Lin

“My name is Maggie Lin. I am fifteen years old, and I attend White Oaks Secondary School inOakville. I will be going into grade elevenin the fall of 2017, and I am very thankful for the amazing opportunities that this creative business competition brings towards my future career.”

"My business idea is to create an online shopping website called GCM where buyers(who are not able to buy exclusive products from within a country) can contact locals and travellers in a specific country to buy the products and mail it to them."

7号 Stella Gu

"Hello, my name is Stella Gu. I am a 13 years old girl. I just finished grade 8 at Zion Heights Middle School and willbe moving into grade 9 at A.Y. Jackson Secondary School. My interests includeskiing, snowboarding, volleyball, reading, and traveling. I am looking forwardto writing this Business Proposal Competition. " 

"My business idea is to make a volunteer search engine to help potential high school student to find fitting places for them to volunteer."

8号 Qinxi Yu

"My name is yu qinxi. I am a boy. I am 16 years old. After this summer, I will go into grade 12. I love physics. I often think a lot. I like challenge."

"My business idea is to put solar panels on the lake to use them for energy production, without compromising the solar power available on the lakes."

9号 Zesheng Li

"Hi, my name is Jack and I'm 12 years old. I like to play guitar and badminton. I just came back from China on April, so my English is not that good. Now, I'm a grade 7 student and I'm very happy to come this competition"

"My business idea is called the Joilet. A new and improved toilet that has multiple functions that can detect the many problems and issues in a person through their urine. It will also have an app linked to it, and many features to monitor and call for help if need be."

10号 Audrey Xia

"my name is Yixin Xia, you can also call me Audrey if you like. I’m currently studying in grade 10 at Delphi Secondary School, and I’m very pleased to be in the competition, and here are my files of speeches."

"My business idea is called Pian Zhou design studio, which is a book cover designing studio that first of all offers unique, low cost book cover designs for sale. Also, we offer lessons for students wishing to learn or join our team of designers."


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